Bayside Six-A-Side Basic Rules 

At all times FIFA football rules apply, except for the following special rules that apply to the Bayside 6s competition.

Here are the special rules that apply to Bayside Six-A-Side:

  • U6 & U7 – Size 3 balls – 5 on field
  • U8 to U13 – Size 4 balls – 6 on field
  • U14 and up – Size 5 balls – 6 on field
  • 15 minutes each half for U6 to U10
  • 20 minutes each half for U13 to All Ages
  • No parents or spectators on the field. Only 2 officials from each team are allowed on the field.
  • Unlimited substitutions
  • The GK will restart play by throwing the ball with his hand. The ball must not be thrown over the half way line. If this happens an indirect free kick will be awarded at the half way line.
  • No throw ins. Only kick ins.
  • No offsides.
  • No slide tackles.
  • All free kicks are indirect free kicks
  • if a goal scored from kick in, indirect free kick or corner, then indirect free kick to opposing team
  • A player shown a red card cannot be replaced at all.
  • When the GK has the ball, opposing players must retreat at least 5 metres
  • Penalties are taken with a one step “run up”.
  • If a match is forfeited, an automatic 0-3 score is the result.
  • In semi finals, if scores are level at full time, there is 5 minutes of “Golden Goal”, followed by a penalty shootout (5 shots, then sudden death)

No jewellery, no metal studs, gatorade etc etc on synthetic


(Yellow cards and red cards)

Players will receive yellow and red cards as per regular FIFA rules (including dangerous or reckless tackling, foul and abusive language, professional fouls, persistent fouls or any violence directed at any other player or official). 

Players receiving a yellow dissent card must leave the field for 5 mins. They cannot be replaced. If they come back on field and receive a yellow- this is a send-off and they must leave the field for the rest of the game. A yellow dissent card is received after a second yellow but is like a second chance- i.e. to cool off!

If a player accumulates more than 4 yellow cards, they miss the next game. This includes semis and finals.

If a player receives a red card- Bayside 6s disciplinary committee will notify player and his team organiser via email of suspension length depending on the report and the nature of the incident. (All red card recipients will have a 1-week min suspension)

Players accumulating 4 yellow cards will receive 1-week suspension. For players accumulating an additional 2 red cards, the Bayside 6s disciplinary committee will notify player of suspension length.

Teams accumulating more 3 red cards will be deducted 2 points and entry into future Bayside 6s competitions may not be permitted.


Referees will be provided.

Verbal or physical abuse or intimidation or threats of violence or the persistent questioning of decisions of a referee by players, coaches or spectators, will not be tolerated and is unacceptable in this competition.

Suspensions and/or team expulsions will occur if players or team supporters are found guilty of any of this behaviour.

Any player behaving in this manner stated above will be sent off and suspended and the entire team risks expulsion.

The offending player’s team may, at the competition manager’s discretion, get points deducted for the behaviour and risk team expulsion from the competition.

Team’s spectators who verbally abuse, intimidate, threaten or question referee decisions or enter the playing field will result in a 3-point deduction for the team and at the discretion of the competition manager risk having the team being expelled from the competition.

The spectators found guilty of this behaviour will be asked to stop and if they don’t will be asked to leave the ground and not to return. If a team’s spectators behave in the manner described above risk expulsion from the competition, never to return. 


Unregistered Players/ players used from other teams 

Teams cannot play an unregistered player at any time.

Teams cannot play a disqualified or suspended or expelled player at any time.

Teams can borrow players from other teams if they have less than 6 players for a game.

You can register new players up until the 6th round.

Player numbers before the start of a match

If a team has 3 or less players the game is declared a forfeit. A forfeit can only be declared by the supervisor or competition manager (not the referee). The game can still be played with the borrowing of other players and will be played as a friendly.

If a team has 4 players ready to play, the game is ‘live’ and will count. In this case the team with the 4 players can ask permission from the opposing team to borrow players from other teams from the same playing category or from its own team.

Once permission is granted the game will play and the result will stand. The opposing team has every right to say no!

Players that have registered for a team but have not completed payment will not be allowed to play until full registration fee is paid- no exceptions.

If you have registered 2 or more teams into a specific comp cannot transfer players unless they only have 4 or 5 players and have asked permission from the other side to do so. The referee will facilitate the process.


Registrations – Non-Transferable

Player registrations are not transferable. If a player can no longer play for any reason their registration fee cannot be transferred to a new player. No exceptions.


Registration- Other 

All players must be registered to play, teams risk being expelled if they play unregistered players  

Refunds will not be given if a player stops playing for whatever reason.   

You cannot have another player take over a registration of a player who has decided to stop playing (i.e. if injured).  

You can register additional players up to 6 weeks into the competition (full fee must be paid- 4 weeks in a pro rata fee will be considered after 4 weeks).  

Bayside 6s has the final say if a team can or cannot participate in its competition. Factors such as past suspensions/bans, poor conduct of players and un-financial teams or players may be refused entry.  

Bayside 6s can expel (without refund) any player or team on the spot at any time during the competition for any violent behaviour or non-conforming registration related issue relating to its team, members of team and its spectators.  

Registration includes limited injury insurance. 



Forfeited games result in 3 points being credited to the non-forfeiting team. The forfeiting team will lose an additional 3 points if Bayside 6s is not notified 2 days before kick off day.

Teams forfeiting 3 times will be expelled from the competition, without refund. (If your players are unreliable, register more!)

Bayside 6s may expel any team that forfeits 3 games without valid cause.  No refunds will be paid to teams expelled or withdraw from the competition.

The competition manager or the supervising official will determine if a game is forfeited after consultation with the field referee.



Bayside 6s reserves the right to expel or suspend players or teams or team spectators involved in any sort of on or off field violence, including verbal abuse, intimidation (including questioning of decisions) or assault of officials- without any refund.

Serious violence will be reported to the police.

Players or teams expelled will not be allowed back into the competition. Teams can also be expelled for playing unregistered players at any time.


Team Withdrawal   

If a team withdraws from a competition, all previous games played against this team will be nullified (win, lose or draw). No refunds will be paid to teams expelled or withdraw from the competition.